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Zhengzhou Cinobee Industry Corp., Ltd

Chinese ceramic dinner set and glass utensils (Vase and candlestick etc.)

Our is a family business specialized in bee products field. It was established in 1986 and followed the principle of "Strict quality control and superior customer service". Now Cinobee has established steady cooperation with worldwide customers in Europe, North America, Australia, etc. It achieved a 10-20% yearly sale growth in beeswax and beeswax product. 2017 export quantity is estimated to exceed 1,000 tons and break through $800 millions.

Customers, especially American customers show great interest in beeswax processed products, eg. scented candles, family use 100% natural candles, tableware and household products. Cinobee conducted comprehensive market survey and positive resources integrating, now we are competent to supply cost effective chinese ceramic dinner set and glass utensils (Vase and candlestick etc.) to worldwide customers.

After a number of customer visits, our hand-made products have been customers like to drink trust!

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